[Legend OG x S.A.G.E. ‘ n Sour]


[Legend OG x S.A.G.E. ‘ n Sour]
Lineage ReceiverLegend OG
Lineage DonorS.A.G.E. ‘ n Sour
Strain TypeSativa Leaning
Days Flower70 Days
Best ClimateOutdoor
Seed TypeRegular
Growers ProfileAdvanced (medium)

If you like gas and tall plants that offer something differnt this might be right for you. Some of the phenotypes are more resistant to mold and pests and thrive in both warm and colder conditions

KITN is a remarkable cannabis strain with a regular seed type, offering growers the opportunity to cultivate both male and female plants. Renowned for its towering plants that thrive exceptionally well in outdoor settings, KITN delivers a bountiful yield of top-quality buds. With a flowering period extending for approximately 70 days, cultivators have ample time to care for and harvest this distinctive strain. KITN’s adaptability shines in various climates, excelling in outdoor environments that span both warm and colder conditions. Its regular seeds provide versatility, empowering growers to explore and handpick the finest phenotypes. While this strain is versatile, it is particularly well-suited for advanced growers with a medium level of experience, making it a fantastic addition to any cannabis cultivation journey.

KITN offers a captivating experience to growers and consumers alike. Its tall stature and impressive yields make it an attractive choice for those who appreciate bountiful harvests. The flavor profile of KITN is often described as unique, with gas-like notes that add an exciting dimension to the strain’s appeal.

Growers may encounter a range of phenotypes, some of which display enhanced resistance to common issues like mold and pests. This adaptability to environmental challenges adds to KITN’s allure, making it suitable for a variety of climates.

100% In-House​

“Everything has a beginning” starts in-house with our seed production. Our breeding, pheno hunting, tissue culture, nursery, clones, seeds, order fulfillment, and even the weekly podcast is all done on-site at our facility. We literally do everything in-house, except for 3rd party testing.​


James Loud Genetics onsite tissue culture laboratory run by Justin Givens is state of the art. Our program uses advanced meristem TC technique for cleaning and preservation. We strive to provide the cleanest genetics available for both retail and commercial use.​

Pathogen Negative

We put a lot of effort into cleaning and banking our genetic library and keeping them that way. We test the plants in our facility regularly to make sure we stay clean and maintain our quality standards. We have onsite PCR testing for viruses, viroids, and bacterial load.​


We use third-party verification for testing cannabinoids and terpenes to keep us honest. All of our genetics are tested, and we love sharing the results via QR code on our packaging. When our customers make a purchase, we want them to understand what to expect and what the potential is when growing out our genetics.​


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Buy 2 Get 1 Free SPECIAL!

Buy two seed packs and get any cross of your choice free! Start by adding three packs to your cart, then use this code below. Don’t miss out!