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Our mission is to set industry-leading standards when it comes to clean genetic solutions for individual customers and companies. We document and verify everything we produce in-house from beginning to end. From our seed germination to our tested flower that has been cultivated, analyzed, and COA verified.

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How did we
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With over 25 years of experience working with plants, we have created a lab environment where we produce everything in-house from beginning to end.

We start by creating, selecting, and curating quality genetics for breeding. Each new variety is chosen based on its value to our extensive library of over 1,000 cultivars. Our motto is “we start clean, and we stay clean.” The cornerstone of our business is having everything filtered through our tissue culture program.

We do in-house pathogen indexing and are also verified through third-party testing. We breed and select new cultivars in-house for desirable traits and test them in different flower production environments to understand their potential. We save our customers time and money by putting in the work, so they don’t have to.

Over 30 years ago I fell in love with this plant. Cannabis, like food and other profound experiences, has the potential to bring so many different people together who might not ever meet. Beyond its extraordinary medical benefits, there is something beautiful about the way it looks, smells, and tastes.
James Loud
Founder, CEO

The Man Behind the Genetics

About James Loud

Along my journey I have tried many things and learned from my mistakes. I have worked in several different industries that have all led me back to working with plants; breeding and producing seeds. I watched from a distance as the medical and recreational markets unfolded into what they are today. And I’ve realized what’s missing from the industry: accessible clean genetics, a consistent variety of different terpene profiles, and new cultivars. People need genetics that not only look appealing but smell amazing and have effects that complement desired experiences. My hands have touched every plant and every seed that we sell. I hope you enjoy my genetics as much as I have enjoyed the process of producing them. #Passionforthesacredplant

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